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Overseas, we're beginning to see investment get fully under way for development in IoT area, even in the automotive industry, and it's predicted that there will be significant changes to the driving experiences provided by personal vehicles. Confining ourselves to motorcycles, navigation systems are still installed afterwards, there's no rear-view mirror like four wheel vehicles, and using voice communication and the radio, playing music etc. requires a specialized intercom system being installed afterwards. The CrossHelmet X1 is a device that will revolutionize your riding experience. Inside the helmet is a small electronic circuit board with a camera and head mounted display, making a lot of previously unavailable functionality possible.
The camera positioned at the back of the helmet captures areas which were previously blind spots for handle mirrors, and displays it in the head mounted display in front, capturing a 360 degree field of view.

Arata Oono

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Founder & CEO at Borderless Inc. Studied Industrial design course at Tokyo University of the Arts. Worked many years in motorcycle design industry.


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