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Boostinsider is the Influencer Marketing Intelligence Platform

Boostinsider is the Influencer Marketing Intelligence Platform

Boostinsider created a series of the world’s first AI-based influencer marketing tools including:

Social SaaS, the influencer search engine that helps marketers to best identify the right influencer for their brands. This search engine works together with the Campaign Management Platform to track and manage the entire influencer campaign cycle.

SocialBook, the lighter version of Social SaaS, is an AI-powered data analytics tool for any YouTube Influencer. SocialBook provides real-time influencer channel insights, influencer market value, and audience insights at scale.

Social Adwords is an automatic campaign management platform for CPC performance based campaigns, which leverages influencers on link-friendly platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Social SDK encourages performance-based campaigns by making the revenue share model easy for influencers and mobile apps/game developers.

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CTO, full stack developer with strong expertise in big data and cloud computing, serial entrepreneur with proven record.
Founder @Boostinsider, SocialBook.io is our product.
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