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BoomTV is a leading Esports entertainment platform

BoomTV is a leading Esports entertainment platform

Our mission is to enable communities to easily produce and partake in virtual Esports. At the core of it all is our self-driving Esports technology layer that provides a one-button solution for anyone to create, participate and/or spectate Esports content. The platform provides tools to automate score tracking, streaming and generating event hubs.

Influencers, colleges and brands use our platform to engage their community. More than 40,000 Influencers and 600+ colleges use our platform to engage their community and run Esports events. Gamers also have the opportunity to win rewards in our free and entry-fee events. More than $400,000 prize money have been won by players.

We partner with top influencers including DrDisRespect, Ninja, Nickmercs, CouRageJD, summit1g, Nick Eh 30 and shroud, to produce "CodeRed", a biweekly influencer event that reaches 5M+ users and aggregates up to 30M+ watched minutes.
3x Entrepreneur (w/ exits), founder CEO #eSports@boomtv #mobile @Bash Gaming #Investor @Discord @Opendoor @Blockstream @HoneyBook #mentor @G2 Esports
Data Mining and Image Recognition specialist. MS from Northeastern Univ. Founded a data mining startup in Japan with 2 offices and 60 employees.
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