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Email management that actually works. Makers of Boomerang



Aye Moah

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Co-founder and CPO at Boomerang(Baydin), making everyone more productive everyday by making our products better. MIT CS with UI/UX and dev background.

Mike Chin

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CTO @Boomerang (Baydin), makers of Boomerang for Gmail and Outlook, Boomerang Calendar, The Email Game, and Inbox Pause.

Alex Moore

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CEO at @Boomerang (Baydin), making emailers everywhere more productive. @Massachusetts Institute of Technology '05, strong engineering background.


Kelly Yu

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Alice Lin

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Nitisha Desai

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MS from Carnegie Mellon; 3 years work experience at Boomerang (email productivity plugin) and Deloitte at a Software Engineer

Xin Guo

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Designer at Boomerang (Baydin)

Jana Fung

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10+ years of marketing experience

Maria Cammisa

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Former Middle School Mathematics and Science Teacher with previous experience in customer service, seeking a career change in the tech world.

Jeff Nulty

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Steve Molitor

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Software Engineer at Boomerang (Baydin)
Cofounder Work Hard Anywhere • Worked at @Intel, @Cisco • Studied at @University of California, Davis

Mai-Chi Vu

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Product @ Boomerang

Board members and advisors

Successful entrepreneur. Now keeping busy as an active advisor to a few great companies. Not investing much in seed stage at the current valuations.

Former team

Anna K Bui

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Lily Liu

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