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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialist - App development

$70k – $100k • No equity
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About Bookipi

We are a tech startup, founded in 2016. We're building something new every day, join our fast-growing startup and be part of this growth in the app industry today. We've built an app that is now being used across 179+ countries.

The job

Implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into our applications for our users. You will get to take charge of the scope and define the use case for AI and ML in our products.

Skills and Experience

Experience with implementing AI or ML technologies in applications that have been used by end users.
Competent with designing, testing complex learning models.
Have used AI or ML in open-sourced platforms.
Experience or specialisation in the following: Machine Learning, AI, image processing.
About our team

Bunch of geeks who get a kick out of growth hacking our company through products, code, design and marketing. We enjoy working in cafes nomad style on our laptops at times.

Company Benefits

Take ownership of your own projects at Bookipi. Be part of a fast-growing startup and build your own team.

The Goal

We're not stopping until we make our way into every small business owners phone. We're almost there, we just need a few more people with drive.

How far we've come

We've made our way into 130,000 small businesses so far and our app is being used to send over $80 million in invoices each month! We receive praise from our users on a daily basis and that drives the team.

For more visit - bookipi.com

How to apply

Send through your resume and cover letter to hello@bookipi.com