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Bontix™ is a marketplace for digital signage. It facilitates digital content distribution on physical environments (such as outdoor displays, screens in buses, cars, etc).

The vision
Bontix Displays is a digital billboard network and online platform that connects advertisers and digital display owners all over the world. We help advertisers save time and we help display owners earn more money from the displays they already have installed.

Display by Bontix™
Unique advertising platform that provides brands the ability to create, manage, and optimize digital campaigns on screens located in different types of high-traffic public spaces.
If you want to attract new customers to your business, improve your sales, make them call you or encourage them to come back for more, present a new product or service, induce the download of your app or increase the number of visits to your website, Display by Bontix™ can help you.
COO/Founder @Bontix

Luishy Medina

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Technology ideas creator. I change my environment by executing them. Co-Founder of Bontix

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