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Saad Siddiqui

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Co-Founder + CEO @Bonsai


Christabelle Fu

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I'm a UX/Product Designer. Also hold a CPA, CA designation. @University of Waterloo and @General Assembly graduate. Previously worked at @KPMG and @MNP.

Omer Dobrescu

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Build a mars rover

Noa Kim

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Understanding customers is my passion. I'm looking for companies that value customer conversations in creating products and services that truly meet users needs

Yasha Prikhodko

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Emma Hunt

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Currently at Bonsai, formerly @Looka @Huge & @Radley Yeldar. Based in Toronto, but experienced in talent acquisition across Canada, UK, US and EMEA.

Vincent Chan

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Startup guy and founder of a not-for-profit organization focused on youth engagement.

Albert Dorfman

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Growth lead @Shop Bonsai | ex. BCG

Mackenzie Fox

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Toronto freelance frontend developer and biologist. Easily obsessed. Especially with algorithms.

Andrew Ladouceur

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Former team

Jasmin Shim

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