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Simplifying how farmers and chefs communicate over produce availability

Simplifying how farmers and chefs communicate over produce availability

Bon Harvest offers a straightforward, real-time Inventory Management software platform that allows farmers to easily track and communicate produce availability directly to their buyers (restaurants, food markets, food service companies). Until now, farmers and chefs have been using Excel files, e-mail, and phone calls to negotiate produce orders together; this way of doing business is inefficient in terms of time, and even costlier when you consider how much food is wasted in the supply chain. Beyond the time and cost saving benefits of our software, what's more exciting is what we can do with the basic inventory data being entered into the system. We use advanced data analytics that can be used to predict demand, food shortages, and other events that farms and restaurants should plan be aware of ahead of time. The data in our system, which until now hasn't been captured, can be used to help farmers set better pricing strategies, or to help restaurants ensure they'll always have access to the produce they need. Farms, restaurants, and other food businesses have been struggling for years, and for so many different reasons. While Bon Harvest can't solve all of the problems facing food people, we absolutely can alleviate problems stemming from inefficient and lacking inventory communication.

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Recent NYU graduate with double major in Math and CS. Love to learn and build new things.

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I learned over the years the most powerful tool is to listen, only way to learn.
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