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Similar to a food truck, the Bone Broth Truck provides nourishing bone broth to those on the go -- health enthusiasts, CrossFit hard bodies, late-night party goers, & more. WHAT IS BONE BROTH? Bone broth consists of animal bones (grass-fed beef bone), onion, celery, carrots, apple cider vinegar & water. When cooked for at least 24 hours, the bones release essential minerals in a form the body can easily absorb. WHY A 'FOOD' TRUCK? The popularity of bone broth has skyrocketed due in part to more health conscious consumers & is closely tied with the rise of CrossFit Gyms & the Paleo diet. Mobility allows us to serve several markets: -CrossFit gyms -Morning coffee replacement for 9-5'ers -Weekend health conscious set -Bars & club patrons The Bone Broth Truck is a venture for social good and plans to serve the houseless and underpriveledged, for free, as profits permit. As a truck, we are able to cover more ground as a social venture, similar to NYC's Coalition for the Homeless.

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