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Provide an optimized checkout experience that is 2x faster than the competition



Ethan Carr

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Worked at Bolt

Brad Pearson

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Worked at Bolt

Natalie Gandolfo

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Justin Grooms

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I build and lead cross-functional teams to grow high-ASP revenue. I have personally developed over $1B in both booked TCV and M&A term sheets.

Alexander Rosen

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Worked at PowerReviews, Partnerships. Experience with Apparel, Communication Skills, Customer Relationship Management

Ken Chanseau

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Anand Mangal

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Engineering at Bolt

Austin Beveridge

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Marketing at Bolt

Chuyao Wang

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Experience with Angular, Application Development, Amazon Web Services. Went to University of Michigan

Torie Runzel

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Strategic operations & HR leader with success scaling VC-backed orgs seeking new role to drive growth in SF / Bay Area.

Alana Heiss

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Product Marketing at Bolt

aaron ballestero

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Tony Lee

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Board members and advisors

Communications Consultant
Founder/CEO @Hero. Medication is hard. Hero makes it easy. We save lives and reduce cost. “Brainchild” = personal investments. Seeded 13 unicorns.
Compliance & AML pro that loves non-traditional fintech co's and fintech startups.
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Former team

Laura Frances Merin

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Salar Hajimirsadeghi

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Michael Guertin

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Aaron Ballesteros

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Brock Cotton

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Irene Zou

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