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Data-based mobile health & fitness trainer

Data-based mobile health & fitness trainer

BodyWise is a new app to partner you in creating and managing a healthy lifestyle.

It’s built for the 80% that can’t find meaning in basic step counting or find calorie counting too laborious and obsessive.

Its genius is in being simple enough to see and update your key diet and activity information within seconds, but deep enough to handle the individual goals that we all battle to achieve.

It’s more educational, motivating, makes sense of your data and is flexible enough to cater for the different ways that we each relate to our health.

- Sync steps & activity from Apple Health, Fitbit & Jawbone
- Track your diet in seconds, not minutes (and no calorie counting)
- Monitor your body over time, saving before & after photos and logging weight and body measurements
- Set micro goals to hit every day, and longer term goals to work toward
- Earn BodyForce points, the amazingly accurate score of how healthy your day has been

Michael Halligan

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Co-Founder and CEO of BodyWise. Marketing, eCommerce and product background. Building a mobile health & fitness platform. Studied Entrepreneurship

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