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Conversational Intelligence for Measuring Team Cohesion

Conversational Intelligence for Measuring Team Cohesion

At Bodha Inc, our vision is to develop world-class Deep Technology (DeepTech) for cognitive assessments that measures personality, emotional intelligence, values, interests and leadership abilities using Conversational Intelligence Technology that leverages Cognitive Science (CS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
We believe that technological innovation in measurement of cognitive traits of individuals – such as personality, emotional intelligence, values and interests – enables businesses to make better decisions in several use cases. One of such use-cases is the online recruitment targeting staffing industry.
Bodha.AI is a unique proprietary Talent Acquisition Technology that helps recruiters to identify suitable candidates through cognitive assessments. Our current mission is to enable businesses identify, engage and hire the right talent that makes a huge impact in the success of the organization. Similarly, the mission also aims to help candidates to find the perfect team.

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Founder Bodha • Worked at @Bank of America, @JPMorgan Chase & Co. More than 20 years of extensive experience in IT consulting at Fortune 500 companies.

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