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Bobler is the first social vocal media

Bobler is the first social vocal media

Bobler reinvents the way you address people. We make vocal messages relevant and easy-to-use in all daily situations, either when you're multitasking or on the go.
The concept : Record and listen to Bubbles - audio clips that last up to 2 minutes - to talk with friends or interact with opinion leaders, celebrities, brands, medias... Each Bubble is located on the world's map. Audio is the only format really fit for mobility and multitasking.
There are private and public Bubbles. When you send a private Bubble, you can:
- send it right away with additional infos such as a picture or an emergency degree
- delay a Bubble so that the person receives it only when he/she is at a specific location
We make your experience much easier and entertaining than a regular voicemail.


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Le Média Social Vocal - Disponible sur iPhone et sur http://t.co/R9Gesw5y4r !

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