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Boatsetter is the largest and fastest growing peer-to-peer boating community. We connect renters and owners all in one place; bridging the gap between those who have boats and those who want to use them! Boatsetter is not only making boating more accessible to everyone, we strive to bring positive change to the maritime industry. With over $30M in funding, world class investors and partners such as GEICO and Airbnb, Boatsetter is at a critical scaling phase. If you are looking for a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment that rewards intellectual curiosity, tenacity and teamwork, Boatsetter is the place for you!

We are looking for a Business Analytics Director to lead Boatsetter’s efforts to turn our data into insights. You will work cross-functionally with department heads from marketing, sales, product, engineering, operations, and growth to collect and transform the right data; ask probing questions; and help us discover what we do not already know about how to grow Boatsetter. From day to day, your tasks will vary. You will connect data sources to our data warehouse; build ETL jobs; write scripts to wrangle, munge, and analyze data; perform exploratory analysis; build explanatory dashboards; and collaborate with stakeholders.

This position will grow quickly from that of an individual contributor into one that will require team building and management. As the leader of the Business Analytics team, you will first define and establish your role and then hire the right people to help you. We have lots of data about customers on both sides of our marketplace, in many local markets, using multiple technology platforms. We anticipate that, once you learn your way around, you will unearth so many areas of exploration that you will need help to pursue them all. Therefore, we’re looking for someone with both the technical skills to do the analysis itself and the leadership skills to lead others.

These personal characteristics are critical to success in this position:
Learning agility
Entrepreneurial mindset
Quantitative, analytic orientation
Consultative, collaborative, problem-solving approach
Ability to handle multiple concurrent work streams
Team building and leadership ability

This is the baseline set of skills the position requires:
Python, particularly manipulating Pandas data frames
SQL and AWS Redshift
Apache Airflow ETL processes
Integrating with APIs, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads
Data visualization and dashboarding, with Periscope preferred
Business presentations and storytelling with data
Business analysis and/or modeling, preferably with online marketplace businesses

Other technical skills that will help us identify strong candidates include the following:
Excel modeling
Statistics: descriptive, inferential, and Bayesian
R, especially the Tidyverse
Advanced analytics, such as machine learning, clustering, and predictive modeling

We’re looking for someone whose background looks like the following:
Undergraduate degree in data science, data analytics, engineering, statistics, information systems, or similar
7+ years of post-collegiate work experience in data analytics in a business environment, including some (if not all) of the skills described above
2-3 years of experience leading teams towards measurable business objectives
Portfolio of representative project work experience available in a shareable format

To apply please send an email to Chris Fox, cfox@boatsetter.com

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