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World's Leading Travel Communications Provider

World's Leading Travel Communications Provider

BNESIM is the SIM card to be always kept in the mobile phone’s second SIM slot. Either you are an occasional traveller, or a corporate manager, you can use BNESIM to save money, to protect your privacy, and to get access to unique features such as:

Choosing and activating one or more phone numbers from any country on the same mobile phone;
Saving up to 95% on international calls;
Roaming everywhere, without roaming fees;
Voice and data plans for all budgets.
A SIM card you don’t want to lose: it doesn’t expire, it works worldwide, and it does not consume money when not used.
Download the BNESIM app to access all of these features. It’s addictive even when you’re not travelling.

Started in 2017, BNESIM has quickly become one of the world’s most trusted and reliable virtual SIM card companies. Thousands of happy customers use BNESIM card and their app daily while travelling or to talk with international loved ones.


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