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Ryan Dsouza

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Worked at BMC Software

Aman Agarwal

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Staff Product Developer @BMC Software with experience in Node.js, Angular, Spring Boot, Java, Postgres, AWS. Also Worked @Tcs, @AmbitionUp, @CAPIOT Software
Worked at BMC Software or any MNC company, Agile. Experience with Apache Ant, Agile, API. Went to Pune University

Ruben Martin Villa Borbon

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Worked at BMC Software

Somesh Srivastava

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Nikhil Bansode

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Experience with Python, Deep learning, NLP, scikit-learn

Alex clara

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Worked at Hewlett-Packard
Went to University Cadi Ayyad

aishwarya bhattad

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Working at BMC Software as QA/DevOps Engineer

Manoj Jain

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Rustam Bakytov

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Experience with API, Android, C#. Went to International University of Kyrgyzstan

Rober Vidaurri

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Worked at BMC Software

Samir Akel

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I am a technology strategist, eager to help Organizations realize their potential and move to digital economy with innovations I find and represent or innovate.
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Former team

Ritesh Pallod

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Sudhir Sangra

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Cynthia Duley

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Praveen Kumar Thakur

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Swati Dinesh

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Piyush Hajare

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