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Blumira provides big budget security at an affordable cost

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Despite good people trying hard and investing a lot into resources, information security is broken. Existing security tools are expensive, complicated, and ineffective. The bad guys are winning. We have a product, a vision, and a team that can turn the tide. By making good security simple and affordable, we can democratize it, helping smaller organizations that have been neglected, priced-out, or, simply—failed—by existing solutions. In helping them, we help their customers, and, overall, make the Internet a safer place for everyone whose data is on the wire. Now, to succeed in our quest, we need help from smart and driven people, like you. You’ll be joining a small team and will oversee a big chunk of the product. This will mean responsibility, and freedom; risk, and opportunity; anxiety, and exhilaration. You’ll build a lot, learn a lot, and grow a lot as an engineer and leader. The challenge is big, but so is the reward for getting this right. Are you in?
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Senior Front End Engineer

Blumira is an Ann Arbor startup focused on building rapid threat detection with real-world guidance to ensure response and disrupt attacks at scale.

As a Senior Front End Engineer, you will work with our team of back-end engineers to help build the React-based front-end using agile (but low ove...


Lead Front End Engineer

Help lead the building of a great UI for a sophisticated security product! We use a modern stack, modern infrastructure, and modern practices.