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Set-up and manage your company completely online

Set-up and manage your company completely online

BlueMeg's mission is to eradicate all the paperwork besieging the setting up and managing of your companies. Nobody starts a business for their passion of the accompanying paperwork - and we understand that. Whether you are a small SME or a big multinational, we let you do everything online and synchronise automatically with the government. It might not be sexy, but when you take into account the billions of dollars spent on these antiquated processes, it becomes genuinely transformative.

Our online console aims to make your life more convenient. Fully compliant KYC is done in a matter of minutes after everything can be signed electronically. Complicated processes are transformed into the ease of a couple of clicks of your mouse.
Msc. Finance + Entrepreneur that set up and sold companies in the tech + blockchain scene.

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Legal and Compliance Healthcare ASEAN at Philips

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