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B2B SaaS to manage legal entities

B2B SaaS to manage legal entities

We are one of the first players to genuinely introduce digital technology to transform the corporate services market, adding a new degree of efficiency, security, enforcement, and governance - while decreasing the cost of doing business massively. The ultimate goal would be to enable companies GLOBALLY to have full corresponding digital representations of themselves, completely transforming the way these companies are governed, and are able to transact and interact with third parties and each other.

Front-end engineer (React/Redux)

Back-end engineer (Node.js)

Msc. Finance + Entrepreneur that set up and sold companies in the tech + blockchain scene.

Kiana Maggiolo

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Jan-Arie Bijloos

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Founder @BlueMeg

JP Koolmees

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Carlo van den Akker

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Legal and Compliance Healthcare ASEAN at Philips

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