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Morris Chen

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David Diomede

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Worked in real estate, Wall St for 2 years at a mid-size investment firm and currently in SaaS sales.

Alexa Restifo

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Currently works at Bluecore
Worked at Bluecore

Kirolos Shahat

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Worked at Bluecore
Head of Engineering @butterflyone Previously Senior Technical Staff at @Bluecore , @Amazon Alexa

Bahar Shah

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Christie Albano

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Atiq Lucas

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Evan Britten-Bozzone

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Glen Kaczer

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Work like a beast so you can live like a king.

Brian McGough

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NYC based Javascript engineer

Christian Rauh

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Experienced Product leader comfortable in all phases of the product life cycle, strategy formulation, and the deployment of large-scale SAAS applications.
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Board members and advisors

Co-founder & CEO @Payability, BigDoor, Zango • Investor @GoChime
CEO at Sum(all)

Former team

Devika Bhatnagar

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Natalie Dollinger

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HeyJune Jeon

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Gabriel Goncalves

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Liz Fabro

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