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AWS Senior DevOps Engineer

₹6,000 – ₹14,000 • No equity
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DevOps Engineer Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s in Computer Science, Engineering, Software Engineering or a relevant field.
We are looking for AWS certified candidates.
Strong experience with Linux-based infrastructures, Linux/Unix administration, and AWS and Google Cloud.
Strong experience with databases such as SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and/or Mongo.
Knowledge of scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, Bash.
Experience with project management and workflow tools such as Agile, Jira, Scrum/Kanban, etc.
Experience with open-source technologies and cloud services.
More than two years of experience in a DevOps Engineer role (or similar role); experience in software development and infrastructure development is a plus.
Stellar troubleshooting skills with the ability to spot issues before they become problems.

DevOps Engineer Responsibilities:
Build whole stack ELBs to databases, then move and launch our site at its new home, guiding the team through the entire process.
Effectively manage and assign projects as necessary while lending support to the team.
Building and maintaining tools, solutions and microservices associated with deployment and our operations platform, ensuring that all meet our customer service standards and reduce errors.
Actively troubleshoot any issues that arise during testing and production, catching and solving issues before launch.
Test our system integrity, implement designs, application developments and other processes related to infrastructure, making improvements as needed.
Update our processes and design new processes as needed.
Deploy product updates as required while implementing integrations when they arise.
Automate our operational processes as needed, with accuracy and in compliance with our security requirements.
Specifying, documenting and developing new product features, and writing automating scripts.
Establish DevOps Engineer team best practices.
Manage code deployments, fixes, updates and related processes.
Work with open-source technologies as needed.
Work with CI and CD tools, and source control such as GIT and experience with bitbucket pipelines.
Lead the team through development and operations.
Offer technical support where needed, developing software for our back-end systems.
Stay current with industry trends and source new ways for our business to improve.

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Blueberry Labs focuses on SaaS, Machine Learning, and Ecommerce. Their company has offices in Singapore, Hyderabad, Cebu City, and Ho Chi Minh City. They have a large team that's between 201-500 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.template.net

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