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DevOps for Salesforce

DevOps for Salesforce

The world’s biggest companies are using Salesforce as a development platform to build apps. Every year $13B is spent on customizing Salesforce through professional services alone.

These mission critical apps are built without any of the tools that traditional software developers have like Git repositories, automated testing and DevOps infrastructure and it’s causing real problems like losing weeks of work or releasing bugs that cause financial impact to businesses and reputation loss.

Since launching in 2017, we’ve reached profitability working with initial customers like Sysco and Intercom. Our largest customer just renewed their contract at 6x the original value becoming our first 6-figure deal.

We’ve done this as just two founders and a small seed round from Indie.vc. We’ve been able to earn these early customers by literally flying on-site to onboard and work with our first customers. This has allowed us to build a feature set that is vastly better than the available options.

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