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SaaS-based Accounting Transaction Processing & Audit Tool

BackEnd Software Engineer for Bloomtri.com

$0k – $80k • No equity
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Core Responsibilities:

- Helping business stakeholders plan features, architect
- End-to-end feature implementation + deployment + devOps (setting up environments for other team members, team configuration support)
- Collaborating with and managing other technical employees and contractors

- NodeJS experience
- React experience
- 2-3 years of back-end development experience

- Typescript experience
- Experience with Webpack (javascript/css bundling) and Visual Studio Code (recommended IDE)
- Heroku experience
- SQL database experience

- Typescript + NodeJS + Koa 2.0 on the back-end
- Mostly React on the front-end with some EJS and vanilla JS
- Postgres DB
- Deployed on Heroku

- Huntington Beach/Westminster at The Dock Coworking Space (I-405 and Springdale area)
- Occasional in-person meetups and rest of work can be remote if you want (up to you, we have office space)

10-20 hours/wk or project-based (could do 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, rinse, repeat)

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Founder @Bloomtri and @Minneapolis Biomass Exchange, Finance/accounting/strategy startups since 2000. MBA, accounting, and technology degrees.