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​​The Ultimate WordPress Backup & Security Product

​​The Ultimate WordPress Backup & Security Product

BlogVault goes beyond being just a plugin by providing backup, restore, staging, & website management solutions for WordPress sites. With real-time, daily, or on-demand backups, you can ensure your site is backed up on time every time.
Using an incremental technology, BlogVault ensures any changes made to your site are copied to Blogvault’s own servers and secure Amazon S3 servers thus never affecting the performance of your live site.
Recover your site by restoring your backup in just one-click in case of any crash, data corruption or discontinuation of hosting service.
You can also test backups or any changes on a staging site, and only when satisfied, merge all or selected changes to your live site.
With us, you can easily move your WP site to another host or domain with zero downtime! BlogVault has also made website management & client reporting a breeze with its centralized dashboard & 1-click automatic report creation.


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I am building BlogVault, a backup tool for WordPress.