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Blogalyzer has launched a Google Sheets Add-on prototype with 70 users in winter 2018 and now has 500 companies in the waiting line for our V1 Beta, which will be launched 1st of May 2019.

✅ Why are we doing this?

10.000.000 companies in the world maintain a blog for lead acquisition or lead nurturing. They spend a considerable amount of time & money writing content, but they distribute it poorly and 70% (*) of them don't analyse their results at all.

✅ Problem ?

Because they want something less time-consuming, they want an easier solution and they don't know how to do this (*). Google Analytics is often referred to as time-consuming and not intuitive.

✅ Solution?

We help marketers understand their performance visually and in 3 clicks, so they can build a better (distribution) strategy. We also help them understand their industry KPI's and give them competitive insights.

✅ Proof?

We have 500 companies (!) in the waiting line for our V1 Beta without spending 1$ in ads. To be honest, we've just spend 4 hours posting in facebook groups.

(*) Content Marketing Institute 2018 survey of 5000 companies
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Software Engineer

Lead Developer

👩🏼‍🚀 Previous Experience in B2B SAAS
A substantial experience in SaaS is a pre-requisite which means you’ve been through a launch, pricing changes, bugs, and a lot of trial & error before.

👨🏽‍🚀 data-intensive back-end architecture
you know how to source & process a lot of data from diffe...