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The API gateway for Blockchain

The API gateway for Blockchain

BlockVigil is building an API gateway to help developers build on blockchain with just a few lines of code.

Live Tutorials: tutorials.ethvigil.com

Docs: ethvigil.com/docs

Our product for Ethereum abstracts smart contracts into dynamic REST APIs. This allows any web developer to start building without prior blockchain experience. Additionally, our integrations via webhooks/zapier/slack help automate workflows with zero to minimal technical knowledge.

We are building use cases like BlockSig (beta.blocksig.app) to showcase how easy it is to build and quickly deploy a blockchain app using our platform. As you complete the flow, the end user experience is also frictionless. It skips complex aspects of dapps such as setting up wallets, syncing across devices, acquiring crypto, etc.

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Swaroop Hegde

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Entrepreneur, hacker – working on @BlockVigil (500 Startups B24) to make blockchain development easy – sold @Dotaprohub to @Unikrn. Startups in past @Evensi, @Atticous, @Filttr

Anomit Ghosh

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Co-Founder, CTO @BlockVigil (500 Startups B24) / Previously Worked at SAP, CureFit
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