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A next-generation entertainment studio that is decentralising anime, film and tv.

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At BlockPunk, we believe the future of entertainment is peer-to-peer. Creators with the power to go directly to their fans with no middlemen. Fans benefiting economically from their attention and support. Thanks to web 3.0 technologies we can build that future. Our beachhead is anime, a $20B global industry based on the art and craft of Japanese animators. We use cryptography and blockchain to secure authenticity and ownership of collectible merchandise.

Run by ex-head of anime at Netflix, leading industry producers and p2p tech experts we‘re looking for bold team members to join us on our journey. We have a fun office at WeWork Labs Singapore where we regularly play ping-pong and drink free coffee in a culture of excellence and freedom.
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Growth Hacker & Marketing Lead

Software Engineer

Blockchain Engineer

Software Engineer

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