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Data Engineering and Tracing of Bitcoin Transaction

¥600k – ¥840k • 0.0% – 0.5%
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We are looking for a skilled software engineer or data engineer that has an interest in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or EOS ecosystem. Your first task would be to set up a data engineering pipeline that allows us to process, cluster, visualize and analyze the entire bitcoin transaction data (>500M tx, 40M+ wallets). The process will involve caching the graph in adequate DB structure and updating connected edges using dynamic programming (other approaches are welcome, too).

(Required) You need to have a good understanding of:
- How to handle large amounts of data (eg. lookup on > 200GB files)
- Good experience at optimizing runtime for handling large transaction tables (know the impact of Key Value store, SQL, C++ mempool etc.)
- Have experience with SRE tooling: GCP or AWS setup, server optimization on performance and costs
- Have a good understanding of graph representations, and have handled graphs before
- Understand written english

- Have experience in algorithmic optimization to handle large batch processing task (eg. dynamic programming for propagation of tasks)
- Experience in scheduling and automation tools (Airflow, Kafka etc.)
- Have an understanding of the Bitcoin UTXO transaction model
- Speak English

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