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Amazon Web Services for block chains

Amazon Web Services for block chains

BlockCypher is Amazon Web Services for Bitcoin. Our web services enable developers to easily build block chain applications.

Key features:
* 0-confirmation confidence factor
* Double spend notification
* Payment API with bridge to send from standard to multisig address
* Multisig API
* Best block chain notifications (webhooks) in the business

BlockCypher's platform:
* Cloud-optimized, scalable, enterprise-grade platform
* Bitcoin re-built from ground up for cloud
* Simple and easy to use web APIs (REST)
* Multiple datacenters, redundant servers
* Secure, hardened servers
* Alt coins, sidechains, parallel chains - hosted on same infrastructure

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CEO @BlockCypher, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineer, former US Naval Officer. STEM advocate for girls.

Matthieu Riou

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Founder @BlockCypher. Founded MommaZoo. Apache Foundation member, mentored Cassandra, founded Apache ODE. Unreasonable love for double ristretto and coding.
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