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Bringing the benefits of blockchain and smart contracts to business

Bringing the benefits of blockchain and smart contracts to business

Founded in 2018, Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) is a leading enterprise blockchain company. BTP brings the benefits of smart contracts and blockchain to business by providing Sextant - a management platform that radically simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of distributed applications.

Sextant for Sawtooth uses a BTP certified distribution of Hyperledger Sawtooth to deliver one-click deployment of Sawtooth networks on Kubernetes on prem, in the cloud or both.

Sextant for DAML, developed in partnership with Digital Asset, currently delivers one-click deployment of DAML, the leading smart contract language, on Hyperledger Sawtooth as well as Amazon Aurora.

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Kevin T. O'Donnell

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I am a cultivated generalist, but not merely a “jack of all trades.” Both depth and breadth are essential to comprehensive understanding of technology.

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At worst, one is in motion; and at best, Reaching no absolute, in which to rest, One is always nearer by not keeping still. - On the Move by Thom Gunn