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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Never Miss a Package

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Never Miss a Package

Getting packages is the worst when you work away from home. Billions of packages are missed or stolen every year and chasing them down can be a time-intensive nightmare. Existing solutions (mailbox rentals, Amazon Locker, on-demand delivery) are inconvenient, inflexible, or expensive. Plus, no one knows their neighbors.

Blocbox connects neighbors that work from home (hosts) to neighbors that are gone during the day (end-users). End-users send their packages to their host’s address and pick them up at a mutually convenient time. End-users pay a fee; BlocBox takes a cut. Hosts are pre-verified, and trust is earned through ratings.

There are limitless use cases: storing boxes, letting the repairman in, walking dogs, childcare, equipment rental, house sitting, etc. It’s a hyper-local, passive, and affordable version of TaskRabbit. Unlike TaskRabbit, Blocbox hosts can earn supplemental income passively while teleworking, raising kids, enjoying retirement, etc.
Founder @Blocbox. Web and graphic designer. Strategy consultant in another life.
Founded Blocbox. Analyst, research programmer and phD candidate at RAND. National Debate Champion. Former action officer in Office of Secretary of Defense.

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