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The new rival to Alibaba. More intelligent, intuitive and focused

The new rival to Alibaba. More intelligent, intuitive and focused

Blinkit is a virtual catalog / trade show / visual social network with elements of a dating site for B2B commerce. The system matches preferences, needs, and locations based upon automated criteria user motivators. At its core, BlinkIt is a virtual catalog, trade show and collaboration system using a proprietary algorithm that intuitively matches products to retailers, therefore getting products to the corporate and local buyers much more effectively. Blinkit currently works with a network of 5,000+ vendors and buyers. You can think of us as the PInterest of b2b commerce. We are Alibaba on steroids. No longer do you need to wade through thousands of pages and sites to find what you are looking to sell, now you can get targeted results that allows you to streamline and simplify your daily work.

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Tim Luscher

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15 years experience with startups, design, international commerce and branding. Founder Blinkit.co • Founder at Lookboard.com Worked at @Natuzzi, @Art. Lebedev design studio • Studied at @University of Kentucky, @Savannah College Of Art & Design

Jim Pullen

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Is a seasoned IT veteran with over 20 yrs experience in all things IT & business. I have fostered several startups and mentored others. I co-Founded Blinkit.co