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The future of e-commerce and brand engagement.

The future of e-commerce and brand engagement.

Bling is a platform for people to share what they buy. It caters discussion and commentary around products, shops, and wishes. It lets people see what their friends (and people they admire) are buying, as well as share things of their own.

Bling plays on the fact that people love sharing their purchases, and their curiosity for the tastes of others. As an example: fashion connoisseurs share their clothes and accessories, geeks share their latest tech gadgets and talk about them.
Full-stack engineer. Special taste for user experience and usability and basically everything else as long as i'm coding!
Dashboard.io engineer. A coding addict with a computer science degree. Judo black and BJJ blue belt.
CTO @ Union. Previously at Disruption Corporation, Webreakstuff, Techcrunch, Edgeio. Startup advisor. Conference speaker. Co-Author of O'Reilly's Redis Cookbook

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