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Sandy Chansamone

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Worked at Tier 2 - Qapital, CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD. Experience with Administrative Assistant, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office. Went to University of California

Tones Porter

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David Daniels IV

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Experience recruiting technical and nontechnical roles in both startup and corporate environments, passionate about connecting people with opportunity

Cordelia Sanborn-Marsh

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Product at Blend. Working to make the world a better place, for more people, for longer.

Bailey Miller

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Dartmouth Math and CS major.

Laura Kahn

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Matt Zimmermann

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Data driven. Technology consulting and industry experience owning strategic growth initiatives via partnership strategy and distribution channel expansion.

Hayden Colbert

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Currently @ Blend. Previously 4 years @ Uber.

Arjun Baokar

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Engineer at Blend. Mobile Privacy & Android Security Researcher at BLUES Lab. Berkeley CS.

Scott Antoniotti

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Strategic Customer Success Manager with 20 years of experience leveraging best of breed software solutions to solve complex business challenges.

Alex Fish

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Software engineer with experience in Java. Interested in functional programming and distributed systems.

Emily Wong

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Brooke Lengsfelder

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Startup sales nut. Ingredients: one analytical mind, a heaping cup of data-driven decision making and a dash of unwavering natural curiosity.

Jacob Gollub

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Harvard statistics + computer science; past internships in A/B Testing, trading, and software engineering; teaching fellow; creative music enthusiast

Ryan Huttman

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I lead a team focused on making Blend's integrations scaleable and reliable. We build internal tools and own an external events system.
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Board members and advisors

Co-Founder of Certain Lending. Mortgage and real estate expert, investor, product solver, chess player and nearly an Anthropologist.
Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor

Alex Kolicich

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Founding Partner @8 | Partners. Previously @Formation | 8 & Thiel's @Mithril Capital. @Google Checkout & Street Views, @Clarium, @Palantir Technologies.
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Former team

Hilarie Mazur

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Laura Piippo

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Yvana Pham

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Constance Betsy Fu

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Casey Goodman

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John Li

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