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The potential of software to enable businesses to evolve and thrive is endless, but there’s an industry built on getting software decisions wrong. Blackbox is a genuinely new idea designed to change that landscape. And how? Using the power of data and no bullshit. We're developing the future of searching for software; cutting through a sector entrenched in jargon and ads. We're looking for self-driven, creative minds looking to make their indelible mark on Blackbox. You won't solve world hunger, but we do find it interesting that the UN estimates $30 Billion would do it, the approximate amount of money wasted annually by enterprises on purchased and unused software in the US. We're doing something hard, and we're the only solution of our kind. We need someone inspired by that difficulty like we are, excited to take on revolutionizing an industry.
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Growth Marketer

Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Run marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives end-to-end: you will design experiments, develop campaign strategy, and drive execution of the campaign through to completion
  • Manage and experiment with requisite amount of channels to hit KPI targets.

Client Strategy Analyst

Posted this week
  • Approach every client interaction with a service mentality, cultivating an understanding of their experience to create successful searches and build trust.
  • Review each search to understand what the client is looking for, validate algorithm matches, and reach out with results