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Dare To Know


At the Bueths & Kurt CDA, we strive to live by our mantra 'Dare To Know' as we undertake tasks in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, R&D, global mobility, translation & more. Our approach is very dynamic yet comprehensive on a regional scale.

This is why added to integrity & professionalism, we build diverse interdisciplinary teams that exude the following primary traits:

1. Thought Leaders
2. Multilingual
3. Team Players
4. Driven Personalities
5. Digitally Native
6. Travel For Work
7. Global Outlook
8. Generalists

Whether you are a student looking for an internship, a graduate seeking training or internship, or simply just want to learn about what we do. Take your first step towards a career with Business Strategists & Custodians on our job board page. For more information about our culture deck, visit - slideshare.net/secret/awFBUYO48obdfz

For candidates applying to train our staff, we have a preference for candidates who have been directed to us by matching agency The Afrijob Network from leading global institutions. Ideal candidates should have the patience to teach, an interest in emerging market economies & a previous noteworthy immersive experience of any related culture by way of travel or language.

For the government & military officials, find out more about our CBO program here - liberalyork.mn.co


Perks and benefits

Trainers & trainees

We provide meals during the entirety of the trainer-trainee exercise that traditionally spans 30 days.

Trainers & trainees

During our training programs, trainers & trainees alike stand an opportunity to experience the local Swahili culture in addition to taking in the rare coastal scenery through our immersion safaris that are part of our programs.

Trainers & trainees

Transportation is available on arrival at pick up points during the training program.

Trainers & trainees

Trainers stand a chance to join our Freelance Pool for future referrals or enlist to become an Afrijob fellow. Trainees can pursue a career with one of Blue Kite's subsidiaries or a career with other leading partner institutions.

Trainers & trainees

Post program benefits include a lifetime access to our annual corporate events.

Trainers & trainees

Give back to society through our philanthropic pledge programs that see us place the community at the frontier of our practices.

Trainers & trainees

Accommodation is catered for during the entirety of the trainer-trainee exercise that traditionally spans 30 days. Experience exciting & challenging processes such as hackathons & experience the emerging market startup culture first-hand.

Strategic consultant - corporate security

Bueths & Kurt CDA offers priority recruitment to members of the military. For more visit - https://liberalyork.mn.co

Strategic consultatnt - public policy

Bueths & Kurt CDA gives priority recruitment to former civil servants. For more visit - https://liberalyork.mn.co