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Welcome to Bizzit's B2B Experience Platform! Rate, Leverage, and Explore B2B Interactions. Any department can be rated, by any function, but Bizzit is primarily for sales, decision-makers, B2B~ers, and business leaders.

⭐️ Subscribe to Bizzit's B2B Data App & leverage (50+) data-ratings.
Search other companies ratings by size, dept. & industry. Use Bizzit's rating categories to find net new business, evaluate vendors, add to your Mar-tech stack, and/or evolve your company's departments!

How is B2B data produced?

⭐️ Bizzit's rating apps! Rate your prospects & customers by adding Bizzit on Salesforce AppExchange store ($1 company/year) or our own web app (free).

⭐️ Who counts as B2B? Any person at a company that interacts with other businesses can review & gain a Bizzit license at no additional cost! The searchable B2B data is mostly leveraged by consultants, sales, marketers, decision-makers, & company leaders.

⭐️ For U.S. companies (free in 2019!). After approval to claim your company's page, company admins will have access to ratings on your company's departments!

⭐️ Where Glassdoor, Trip Advisor, Amazon Reviews & Yelp revolutionized the consumer review sector, Bizzit is pioneering a new category by adding SMB to Enterprise value. Ultimately bringing clarity & accountability to the thousands of business interactions that, prior to Bizzit, went undocumented.


⭐️ Check out our B2B~ers Meetup group below:

Each event will host a local startup/emerging technology with a relevant network of attendees. Every Meetup will also display a local artist work with any & all ticket proceeds going to a local charity.

The B2B~ers group has already begun in the Bay Area & we have quick expansion plans to head from west to east!

Open your city -> justbizzit.com/meetup
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Account Executive


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