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The Digital Currency for Mexico and Latin America

The Digital Currency for Mexico and Latin America

Bitso, Mexico's first Bitcoin exchange & issuer of MXN balances in the Ripple Network. Remittances are critical for the Mexican and most Latin American economies, with US-to-Mexico being the largest remittance corridor in the world. Mexicans living in the U.S. send almost $22 billion a year to their country. Bitso.com aims to create the foundation for a healthy Bitcoin economy in Mexico, thus enabling the use of Bitcoin as a mechanism for substantially improving the efficiency of this vast economic flow; decreasing the costs and increasing the speed of transactions. Bitso launched early April 2014, exiting its beta period in July. Bitso's userbase is growing daily, with significant media attention both locally and internationally. coindesk.com/bitcoin-opportunity-corp-mexico-bitso coindesk.com/mexican-exchange-bitso-enables-mobile-credit-card-payments coindesk.com/ripple-network-expands-addition-first-peso-issuer

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Founder @Bitso • Director at Goldtooth Creative • Founder at Party Pixel • Creative Director at IndieMV

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Cofounded Petromedia Ltd in 2001, leading website for the global marine fuel market, Bunkerworld.com. Ben holds a Masters degree in Advanced Computer Science.
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