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The World's First Virtual Nation: A Blockchain Jurisdiction

The World's First Virtual Nation: A Blockchain Jurisdiction

BITNATION's software is a smartphone based distributed mesh network that can write smart contracts to any integrated blockchain (we begin with Ethereum). We have developed a Beta which is already available for download for Android and iOS.

On our incentive network good citizenship (the honoring of agreements signed with your public key) is rewarded with non-tradable tokens, and accumulated reputation is incentivized with tradable XPAT tokens, which can also be used to pay for governance services on the platform. Dispute resolution is also rewarded with reputation and XPAT tokens, as is the creation of useful governance service Dapps and communities which are highly regarded by their members.

BITNATION has recently released an API that enables 3rd Party developers to build governance service Dapps to run on our network and we have established partnerships with a range of state and non-state communities to test our jurisdiction and provide real world services to their members.

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Erik Vollstädt

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Ma Wo

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Rick Falkvinge

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Founder of the first Pirate Party. Worldwide speaker on net liberty and the right to privacy. Author of Swarmwise: the tactical manual to changing the world.

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

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7 years work in conflict zones. Founded WSC in Afghanistan 2008, sold it 2011. Part of Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya. Founded Bitnation in 2014.


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