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Shazam for bookworms

Shazam for bookworms

Shelfie is a free app where readers take a picture of their bookshelf (a "shelfie") and the app uses computer vision to automatically identify all the books. Once a reader's library has been cataloged they can then download the ebook & audiobook versions of their paper books for free. We currently have deals with 1800 publishers to make this "bundle" deal available on 450,000 titles (this is about 25% of all books).

Shelfie is also able to suggest new books that readers might enjoy based on what's on other readers' shelves. Amazon's suggestion algorithm is based on "people who bought this also bought", whereas Shelfie is able to suggest books based on "people who own this book put it on the same shelf as". This is human curation of books at scale.

Dan Allard

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Co-founder & Director at Shelfie.com Owner at Coquitlam Concrete Products & Allard Contractors

Marius Muja

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Founder BitLit.ca; Strong Computer Vision background; PhD UBC Computer Science 2013
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