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Social app that enables meet-ups more easily with friends

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Who are we? A fast-growing venture-backed startup that has teams in US and China. We have an experienced serial entrepreneur as one of our co-founders, a full team of engineers, and have secured funding for seed/pre-A. Our team has successfully made our previous product and company valued at a few million dollars. This time, we want to leverage our experience to build another million-dollar app for the younger generation. Why should you join us? 1. We are looking for co-founders and early members – which means you have full autonomy, huge voicing power, and high learning curve. You will be able to take part in building a product from scratch and scaling the product from 0 to 1. 2. Full support to let you unleash your full potential. With the help and guidance from an experienced serial entrepreneur and a full team of engineers, you will be able to make your visions in a product into reality. 3. Promising future of the startup. With an experienced team and a niche area, we are confident that we are able to compete in the social app landscape with our expertise and fast iterating cycle. 4. Competitive compensation. We believe in working hard together and sharing the success of our hard work fairly.
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Passionate and responsible individual who is able to work in a fast-growing startup environment.