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Business Operations Manager

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We’re on a mission to make business to consumer communication delightful! We supercharge modern day salespeople, making it possible to talk to 1,000 people at once over text messaging in the most genuine way.

This is a role for someone who wants to grow their Business Operations role and take bigger responsibilities over a wider variety of teams. You will be working with all teams (sales, customer support, engineering, marketing) to improve operations to meet business objective and goals, in addition to building an excellent culture of collaboration.

At Bitesize, you will:
- Assist the business development team with partnerships / channel sales.
- Collect metrics across all teams and help make improvements on pricing, development cycle, quota, etc.
- Discover and experiment with new markets.
- Build excellent culture and plan team events

Your core business metrics are:
- How can the business grow faster?
- How can we build the best culture?

Please only apply if:
- You love working on difficult business problems
- You have passion for building great culture
- You have great written and verbal communication skills
- You are an independent thinker and doer
- You are super organized

You are:
- Relentlessly positive. You are a dreamer focused on the big vision.
- You are full of novel ideas, know how to kill bad ideas, and execute on the best one - fast.
- You feel that a week is a long time to get a project done, you experiment by the day.
- You understand unit economics and are metrics driven.
- Focused on vision, highly organized, while being able to manage details.
- You are a team player and bring warm energy to the team.

Bonus points if:
- You have previous knowledge of venture capital
- You have previous experience of building culture at an early stage company

A successful candidate will have an opportunity to be promoted into Senior Business Operations Manager or move into other teams if desired and possible.

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