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We help 1 person talk to 1000 people at once

We help 1 person talk to 1000 people at once

Bitesize helps companies communicate with consumers 1-on-1 at scale. We are building the conversation management platform for all brands and consumers.

People hate getting spammed. Consumers are getting spammy one-way messages (emails, text messages, and push notifications) that sound robotic and are sent en mass. When people reply to these text messages or emails, they often hear nothing back from companies.

Companies spend $83B on spammy one-way digital communication because they have no way of replying to millions of messages efficiently. It only brings 2% growth, which is a terrible ROI.

We have a solution that brings 200% return to companies instead of 2%. Bitesize enables companies to batch responses and reply via a human assist AI system. It allows companies to have complete control of messaging, while scaling 1-on-1 interactions. This allows just one person to manage conversations with millions of people.

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Founder @Bitesize. Changing the way brands and consumers communicate.