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The blockchain industry is messy, confusing, and high risk. BitBloq is building the next generation of asset control platforms by incorporating all the necessary attributes commonly found in the mainstream stocks and bonds market, but within the digital currency industry. Each user has his/her own wants and needs, and there is clearly a huge need in the financial community for decentralized currencies. But how can one company fill all of those needs. The answer is by creating a financial institution. Instead of targeting a niche market in the blockchain industry we are tailoring our services and technology to the mainstream consumer. By Building a robust all inclusive platform with an asset exchange, application marketplace, personalize financial services, extensive research database, and a social environment we will serve the needs of a community starved of a high quality institution.
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Software Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

We are looking for a talented developer to join our team in a founders role with equity. This role will be a development role as well as a management role.