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Changing how you see private equity



Rasmus Goksor

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Next thing to be announced. Former CEO & Co-Founder @BISON, VC lawyer with fund/start-up focus @Gunderson and Doctorate from Duke Law.

Mike Nugent

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Investment Manager turned software start-up CEO.


Ashley Smith

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Kelli Stauff

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CPA, Graduated BS/MSA from Wake Forest. Led teams in the asset management audit practice at PwC for 11 yrs, in 3 offices worldwide (Boston, NYC, London).

Colin Devereaux

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BS in Finance from Bentley, Project manager at Bentley Service Learning and Special Olympics, Internships at Iron Mountain, WinterWyman, and Invaluable,
Sales Manager at BISON.co

Patrick Allen

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Quinnipiac MIS, Full Stack Developer.

Michael Roth

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Worked at @BISON

Joseph Maki

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Doing things is what I like to do.

Waldron Faulkner

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Experienced in data acquisition, analytics, consumer web, and building/managing kick-ass teams of developers.

Board members and advisors

Partner at The Engine. Optimist and former software guy.

Former team

Andy Barrett

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Vendela Larsson

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Ashley Breed

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Jillian Kando

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Nick Vafiades

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Hampus Forsvall

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