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A care companion for the elderly living at home and the care community looking after them


Join Birdie and seize the unique opportunity to shape the future of a transformative tech startup, to create positive social change, and develop yourself very fast in a flat, flexible, close-knit & transparent organisation. We have a grand vision to transform how society deals with ageing, starting with radically improving the lives of 1 million older adults in the next 4 years. We dream big and speed is of the essence. We’re all entrepreneurs at Birdie. We’re a flat organisation, with no manager to tell you what to do but a community of peers and coaches to support you. We’re highly collaborative and iterative. Everything we do is transparent to anyone, be it objectives and key results, compensation packages and equity or strategic conversations. Growing with trust is key. Everyone sets their own development plan and gets support to learn fast, from training to books or coaches. We live by radical candour: we give honest feedback and care deeply & personally about each other.
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Max Parmentier


Cofounder @ Birdie. Product Scientist. Entrepreneur. Eternal learner driven by the belief technology can radically improve the world.

Abeed Mohamed

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Co-founder, CFO & Head of Sales at Birdie

Gwen Le Calvez

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Founder & CTO @ Birdie (Elderly care)

Max Parmentier

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Founder & CEO @ Birdie (elderly care). Founder & CEO @ Wambo.org (largest global health e-marketplace).Worked @ McKinsey, Global Fund, Kamet.Social innovator.


Christabelle Boateng

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I have had a variety of roles within customer service and account management and believe that I can deliver a customer-focused community experience.

Luke Cullimore

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I have worked in Fintech for Funding Circle, and have also helped launch start-ups in Australia.

Dan Khan

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Jérémy Gotteland

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Tech Lead @Birdie ex- @Theodo , @EPFL 16' , Grew the @React Native London Meetup

Samuel ROZE

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VPoE at @Birdie Care. Open-source (core team member Symfony, ContinuousPipe, ApiPlatform). Previously @Kamet ventures, @Inviqa group, @Les-Tilleuls.coop.

David Beaumont

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Experienced engineer, confident in both frontend and backend across a range of technologies and in both private and public sector environments.
Student at ISEP, Paris, France. I'm passionate about web development and infrastructure architecture. Looking for an internship from July 2018 to December 2018.

Jamie Gunson

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Product person, but wouldn't mind being an astronaut.

Robbie Heygate

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laetitia van hoecke

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Seasoned international marketing executive, with extensive experience in product launch, project management, brand & communication strategy.

Alban Herinckx

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Head of Operations @ Birdie (elderly care) Worked @Deliveroo, Head of Ops Belgium Founder at A World of Football (awof.org) and BBFL (bbfl.be).

Former team

Anna Della Croce Dearnaley

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Nico Henderyckx

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Jerome Lachaud

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