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Head of Data Science

$125k – $175k • 2.5% – 5.0%
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Head of Data Science

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We are seeking someone who is…
Great at thriving in an intense environment. Successful in anticipating unprecedented challenges. Focused on the vision. Driven to succeed. Motivated by long-term rewards.

As an early team member, you will be able to reimagine aspects of healthcare as a science and business, work across the computer, data, and life sciences stack and spectrum of diseases, innovate in uncharted territory, be competitively compensated, and work on a meaningful project designed to enhance human quality of life and longevity. This role will experience virtually all aspects of start-up growth, and help develop BioEngine4D to digitally detect developing diseases from insights hidden in vast amounts of Health data + LifeData.

Key Requirements:
• Degree(s) in a Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
• 7+ years experience in a data science position, preferably working as a Senior Data Scientist
• Solid experience with Data Analytics, predictive and prescriptive data models (ML and AI)
• Solid experience with Computer Vision (including ML for image classification)
• Some proficiency in Physiology and Medicine
• Experience with ML techniques/libraries/algorithms (k-NN, Naïve Bayes, SVM, Random Forests, cuDNN, MATLAB, PyTorch, etc.)
• Excellent skills in statistical and modeling packages such as SAS, Statistica, MATLAB, R, and other advanced analysis tools
• Expertise in data management programming and familiarity with the workings of time-series analyses
• Proficient and experienced in scripting languages with rapid prototyping skills (fluency in SQL, Python, Java, etc.)
• Strong written/verbal communication skills
• Outstanding skills in the use of MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations
• Exceptionally good skills in SQL server reporting services, analysis services, Tableau, integration services, and other data visualization tools
• Solid references

• Play the role of leading innovation within BioTrillion, and define how the company creates additional value through the utilization of our data assets and analytics
• Identify and monitor key business risks and realize the data needs of BioTrillion
• Manage junior data science teams and oversee all activities to ensure alignment with company-wide vision
• Scope, design, and implement ML models to support BioTrillion’s mission to leverage Life data for use in disease detection and monitoring
• Drive experimental data modelling designs within BioTrillion to evaluate changes, track performance, and provide valuable insights
• Maintain a deep understanding of BioTrillion’s marketplace dynamics

About you:
• You are someone who loves the notion of asymmetric reward for risk, but are proactive, flexible, and understand that an early stage start-up role does not begin with typical large corporate infrastructure.
• You are comfortable with being part of a growing company, which ultimately will involve handing off responsibilities as that growth occurs.
• You comprise a mix of strong analytical capabilities, sharp business acumen, and a “get stuff done” mentality.
• You have the entrepreneurial ability to own initiatives from ideation to completion, and are detail-oriented, dependable, proactive, and independent.
• You thrive on turning ambiguity and chaos into a coherent and cohesive plan.
• You are a team member who is excited about improving healthcare.
• You are curious, tenacious, and want to work hard with our team on difficult, important challenges.
• You are great at problem solving and have loads of hustle and prior operational experience.
• You are excited about playing a pivotal role in helping to shape and build the company.
• You get excited about making today's approach to healthcare look dinosauric in a few years.

About Us:

BioTrillion, Inc. is a 1.5 year old startup headquartered in San Francisco, CA.
We are reimagining Life Sciences through the principles of many sciences. We've assembled and continue to grow a team with a rare combination of Life, Data, and Computer Sciences backgrounds, across Business and Engineering (biotrillion.com/team). Developed the prototype of our front-end, Consumer-facing part of our health technology platform — the LIFEdata App with iOS beta to be released in Q4'2019. BioTrillion has been fortunate to receive industry honors and PR (biotrillion.com/pr), invited into NVIDIA Inception and Microsoft for Startups, and raise our first round of funding from ~20 Venture funds and Angels from very prominent entities.

BioTrillion is HQ'd in the heart of SOMA San Francisco.

Please only apply via the following link only
(applications not submitted via the TypeForm link may not be viewed):

Thank you for your interest!

PS. If this opportunity is not the right time for you, but it is for a rockstar that you know, please feel free to refer them. If they add your name to the TypeForm link (biotrillion.typeform.com/to/wSvoKI) as the referral source and we hire them, BioTrillion would be happy to reward you with $5,000.

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