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"Data from Life. Data for Life.”

"Data from Life. Data for Life.”

We so often think of Healthcare as an industry, that we tend to forget about Healthcare as a purpose. Globally and annually, trillions of dollars are ineffectively spent on healthcare and trillions of life data points are ineffectively connected to insights about our health. There is a better way. BioTrillion is a little startup with bold ambitions to effectively and scalably advance Healthcare – via Digital Biomarkers. Our mission is to enable ordinary consumers with extraordinary health insights. Every human generates massive amounts of life data that will unlock novel health insights & applications. We are developing a mobile health technology platform called BioEngine4D™ – to digitally detect drugs & diseases – by measuring data from life, analyzing it through computational advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and applying it back for life. Our mission is to transform "Data from Life"​ into "Data for Life."​ We are HQ'd in San Francisco with a growing team. Website: biotrillion.com Contact: contact@biotrillion.com Jobs: biotrillion.com/opportunities Application: biotrillion.typeform.com/to/wSvoKI

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2x Bioengineer @ Berkeley & UPenn | 12 years Healthcare Investment Banking across Drug, Device, Diagnostic technology verticals | Founder & CEO @BioTrillion


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