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Leslie Bradshaw

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EIR @Bionic | Board @Hyper Island | Led JESS3 to $13.1M revenue w/o VC. Strong in CPG, FinTech, leadership, data viz. PBK: @University of Chicago

Ruben Harris

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Creative sourcer interested in business development opportunities at startups; Worked at Bridgewater, ProofPilot, Goldman and NYC government; Yale grad.
VP @Bionic. Founder, BridgeUp: STEM at AMNH. Founder @Startup Institute NYC. Co-founder @Quincy. MBA @Harvard Business School, BA @Emory University.

Jordan Kerzee

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I am a multi-disciplinary creative based in New York, NY. www.kerzee.co

Caroline Hribar

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Chief of Staff @Bionic

Carolyn Compas

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Entrepreneur @Bionic, Advisor @Dreame, @TRENCH, previously CTO @HowDidIDo, COO @Choozer , Co-founder @AssetLane
Talent Lead at Bionic

Stephanie Schott

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Acceleration @ Bionic

Former team

Vernon Steward

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Liz Tran

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Emma Balin

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