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We're a startup looking to grow while preserving the positive, open work environment we've developed so far. So we're looking for people who are good humans as well as good at what they do. We know you're out there!

We work on cutting edge apps for scientific researchers as we build the lab of the future. We also focus on leveraging voice as a novel data source and control modality in the clinical space. Biomedicine is now a data problem. Whoever leverages the power of data the best is going to be able to bring therapies to the bedside faster, cheaper, more safely, and more reliably. We're a team that is passionate about tackling these big problems. You can read about our latest accomplishments in places like Scientific American, the MIT Industrial Liaison Program, and more. Come join us!

We value diversity and welcome people of all backgrounds. If you check off the must-have's of a position, please apply! And bring your dog! We have a dog-friendly workplace.
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