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Mint for Groups

The team has been working on BillPin, a bill-spliting app for roommates for a year.

We are now pivoting into working on Homie.co, an LinkedIn for long-term roommates.

We realized the much bigger problem was that it is such a pain to find a good roommate and landlord. Most rental/roommate sites focus on the property (price, location, amenities, etc.) - but that's only half the picture. People care as much, if not more, about who they live with than where they live.

We believe by combining social data (profile, social graph, linked-in style testimonial, simple preferences), we can help room-seekers save a ton of time and pain in research, achieve a much higher hit rate and have a great living experience. Landlords and tenants will also be able to rent from/to trustworthy, reliable, legit people.

This is a big opportunity - people are only going to get more mobile, moving from city to city. And with the 600 cities generates 60% of the world's GDP, this is a massive need to be solved.

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